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League screwed me over

I am part of a league which tends to have people from across the country. Usually the draft ends up starting 30-45 min after that start time because people are late and I have always been on time. This year I came 5 minutes late to find out they started it and 150 dollars of my 200 auction budget used on 2 players to punish me for being late. Might I add I texted a minute before draft I am trying to log in. I have not paid my dues and was going to. A part of me wants to not pay and drop all my players or pay and still drop all my players. This killed my whole night of drafting. I still have another league I got invited to last second yesterday so I can still have fun. Josh Dorfman, David C, David I, Alyssa N, Avi S, Jeremy C, Jeremy H, Dale H, Yaakov C, Ethan G and Sam S you guys really decided to pick the outsider in the league to just screw over because you guys have always waited for others. Next time I will only play in a league that I know everyone rather than one. When you make an example of the only no white person in your league and give benefits to everyone else thats how people get perceived as racists.

Welcome to the Fantasy FootBallers forum @zzxair!

Sorry for the late response.

How did this get resolved?

I would have wanted to know:

  • Are their league bylaws?
  • Does it address lateness for the draft?
  • Have others received the same penalty?

Almost all my leagues are with people I don’t know and from locations all over the world. A good commish and well defined bylaws make more difference than the people in the league.

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