League setup question and UDK Utilization

I am starting a 1/2 PPR league where TD are only worth 4 pts. 2 Part question:

  1. what are the pros/cons of bringing down the worth of a TD?
  2. can you customize the UDK to reflect the rankings with the the new TD set up?

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For the UDK, qb rankings can be ranked based on 4 pt tds. But that’s about it.

I’ve never personally played with 4 pt tds but what you’re doing decreases some luck from the game. It’s much easier to predict usage and yardage than tds. Think Mike Gillislee last year who kept vulturing tds from Shady, he’d be less valuable in a 4 pt league. Whether you think this is a pro or con is up to you.

My league I started back in 2005 was considered a “Yardage” league back then. Without getting too detailed, essentially all TDs are worth half they are in regular formats and we all love it. We also don’t have kickers or defense though. We start 9 skill position players. I always felt TDs were too over valued in FF. Sure, the point is to score touchdowns but by that metric LeGarrette Blount had a HOF season last year.

You probably can’t customize the ranks, but I don’t have the UDK so I’m just guessing.