League to get in listener league?

Signed up for the $5.00 monthly subscription just to join this league that gives a shot at the listener league. Anyone know how to get to page to make a team? Support was useless.

I am having the same problem. I click the link to log in with Patreon, which I do, and then it redirects me to my FFballers account page which it notates that I am a 5.00$ level footclan guy. I click the link to go to the forums and then it has the green box at the top asking me to log in to Patreon again or join the footclan…maybe my account is too new because I just made it today so maybe just give it time if you are in the same boat?

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I don’t think it’s because it’s new. I’ve been a member for over a year, and I can’t access the link. I clearly have the $5.00 member note on the page also, but when I try to click the link Jason tweeted it tells me I don’t have permission.

If you go to the forums home page, there’s a section called #footclan-leagues… it’s got a blue label. Within that section there is a pinned conversation you can comment on.

Mine worked this morning and I was able to add my email to the thread