League Trade Controversy

A trade in my league went through today. I am the commish, and people are upset claiming that it was unfair. I believe it was a fair trade. Here are the details:

Team A gets Robert Woods, Evan Engram
Team B gets Mark Ingram, Jack Doyle, Taylor Gabriel

Just needed a little help settling the debate. All opinions are welcome and appreciated.

Yeah this is fine. It’s obvious that Team A is trying to upgrade at WR (and TE imo, but they could easily both value the TE they get more). And Team B is trying to upgrade at RB.

Regardless of value if I can understand the basic goal for each team in a trade I think it’s fine. And the value here isn’t even that bad, I could see either side “winning” the trade by end of season.

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I agree with @dan12456. This trade could easily help out both teams depending on what they’re trying to accomplish. It’s not like it was RB1 for a Kicker.

Absolutely nothing obviously unfair. Idk why people would be upset about this.

Very odd they would have an issue with this trade. This is a mutually beneficial trade IMO

Yeah didn’t really feel like there was any reason to be upset. They’re probably just upset because they never trade lol. Thanks for the replies everyone.