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League Trade Fairness


I had an interesting trade situation come up this week in the leauge I run. I am the commish, but just like any other player in the league I observe owners’ tendancies and interests throughout the season. I noticed that one owner had a big interest in owning Steelers stock. He offered me a trade for Boswell, which I declined the kicker for kicker trade (Never seen that before). A couole days later he started asking around the message board for Big Ben.

The following week, I received an offer from another owner, recieving Big Ben for Sony. Normally, since I already have Rivers rostered, I’d never accept that trade, but because I saw trade potential with Mr. Steeler, I took a chance. After getting Ben I then offered and outlandish trade (Ben/Boswell for Hunt/Diggs) to guage this guys interest. Never in a million years did I expect this guy to accept it, but he did.

Even though we have a Trade Veto system set up in our league, chaos in my message board ensued for hours yesterday. I ended up deleteing the trade all together to in order restore peace in my league. I was accused of collusion and cheating of all kinds.

I’m not really sure what I’m asking for here…advice on how it should have been handled I guess? Maybe examples on how others handled a similar situation…

Any and all comments welcome.

Thanks in advance, #Footclan !