League Trade Fairness

I had an interesting trade situation come up this week in the leauge I run. I am the commish, but just like any other player in the league I observe owners’ tendancies and interests throughout the season. I noticed that one owner had a big interest in owning Steelers stock. He offered me a trade for Boswell, which I declined the kicker for kicker trade (Never seen that before). A couole days later he started asking around the message board for Big Ben.

The following week, I received an offer from another owner, recieving Big Ben for Sony. Normally, since I already have Rivers rostered, I’d never accept that trade, but because I saw trade potential with Mr. Steeler, I took a chance. After getting Ben I then offered and outlandish trade (Ben/Boswell for Hunt/Diggs) to guage this guys interest. Never in a million years did I expect this guy to accept it, but he did.

Even though we have a Trade Veto system set up in our league, chaos in my message board ensued for hours yesterday. I ended up deleteing the trade all together to in order restore peace in my league. I was accused of collusion and cheating of all kinds.

I’m not really sure what I’m asking for here…advice on how it should have been handled I guess? Maybe examples on how others handled a similar situation…

Any and all comments welcome.

Thanks in advance, #Footclan !

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Ive been running 32 team dynasty leagues since 2009. In all that time, i have only had to veto 2 trades based on league vote and 1 trade on my own(an owner accidentally sent a trade without asking for anything in return).

I tend to have the following view: One mans trash is another mans treasure. I have seen so many trades that i thought were down right stupid for an owner to take. He traded some big name players for a draft pick and some lesser known players. Turns out that guy won the league back to back.

I find myself pretty lucky though in the fact that i have some really good owners. People will speak out about trades, but rarely will anyone ask for a veto.

I cant count how many times ive heard, did you put a guy to the owners head to get him to accept or that was highway robbery, etc. not just directed towards me but to other owners as well.

My leagues however are dynasty leagues so trades have a far reaching effect on teams. Some people look at trades only as the current season and not the future of what might happen with those players.

Anyways, i dont think you should have vetoed the trade yourself. let the league do it based on the votes.
I also would make it very clear to the league, if they think you are a cheater, then they shouldnt be in the league. Why would you pay into a league where you think the commissioner is a cheater. I had to do this early on in my first years of running leagues, but i havent had that issue in years. I ended up kicking that player and his brother out of the league as he was a very toxic owner. the dude threatened to sue me. BTW he got a full refund of his entry fee.

With all that said, i still think about how the league will perceive what i do with every action i take. I probably would have never offered that trade without adding a little more to the offer, but thats me. Im not saying you were in the wrong either.

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