My league seems to cancel out every trade even when it’s a fair trade , only 1 trade has gone through from 12 trades! Any ideas on how to determine if the trades are fair or not??

this is pretty simple. Call them out on collusion and say you’re leaving after the season. If they’re vetoing EVERY trade then they basically are colluding as a league to stop anyone form advancing their team. Furthermore if fair trades were getting blocked in a league i was in i’d be done with it.


That’s so true man, but this is a family league with lots of money and bragging rights on the line, been very guns no competitive , we have 8 5–3 teams but it’s only 2 people that say no and it’s a majority vote

there’s no bragging rights if it takes collusion to win. If the league doesn’t want trading then they should have just made the rules with no trades.

Leagues with trade vetos are terrible leagues. The commissioner should be the one to determine if there is any collusion happening in a trade because that’s the only reason to ever veto a trade. If the commissioner is colluding with someone then the commissioner should have to step down and someone else take charge.

That being said, this is a family league and if feelings are being hurt and resentment towards one another is happening, then the league should just be done. Family first! Fantasy football should be fun, if it’s not fun then there is no reason to play.

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My league seems to be anti-trade, maybe a handful of trades in about 6 years. The only way to get better is to trade.

Some leagues are just like that. I’d ask people to explain their stance after it gets denied. If it’s simply they think your team is getting better and they don’t think they can beat you after then you need a new league