League trouble

I’m having an issue with people in my league not trading. It’s a 10 team league I have been in for 4 years and only me and 2 other guys trade. Is there any suggestions on how to get the others to trade. One of the guys vetos everything without even looking at the trade.


momma said knock you out! no that sucks… but make a deal they cant refuse…

I offered Thomas, kelvin and darkwa for Gordon just to see and the guy declined it.

idk i wouldve kept gordon also tho… just confront him… or get out the league

Yea… you need to let them know that a commissioner can’t just veto a trade if 2 parties agree on it. Looks like a dictatorial league :slight_smile:
If nothing changes, let them know you will be moving out of the league.


We are dealing with someone in our league just flat out said they won’t trade any of there players because her son is in first place and doesn’t want anyone to make anybody teams better

In my one league I’ve declined more than reasonable trades just because I’m in first place and I don’t want to make my competitions’ teams better… does that make me unethical? lol… but generally, in all leagues, there are the guys I refuse to trade with because I view them as “competitive” teams or players. If I think the trade is lopsided in my favor or the trade negatively impacts their team then sure why not… but generally it takes a lot to get me to trade with them. The only people I like trading with are the newer guys or people who usualy aren’t that competitive because, honestly, if I help them out and they win the league then none of the “competitive” guys can talk shit because, “Hey, you lost to [so and so] too dumbass.” Its fantasy politics lol. In my one league I desperately need a WR and another guy desperately needs a RB… but the other guy is the cockiest fuckin shit talker I’ve ever played fantasy with… he’s 5-2 but 3 of those wins he had the 2nd lowest score and played the guy with the lowest score… Anyway he’s sending me nice trades that help out both of our teams a lot but I’m just declining because fuck him… see how far he gets without solid RBs.

If no one is willing to trade, and the commish is not willing to stop the vetos for no reason. Then I say find a new league. Its supposed to be fun, not taxing.