League tycoon? A newbs league?

Found this via another post and am intrigued for sure. Seems like a more fun dynasty concept. Don’t have much experience with auction/salary cap though. Wondering if there are 12 all year and engaged but full time in others things so not full time in fantasy looking to do something long term and fun.

I’m hoping for 12 team single QB 2 flex and .5 PPR

Hey! Dunno if you are interested but I have one spot left in a 14 man salary cap start up league on league tycoon. It’s a 1/2ppr TE premium 1QB 2RB 3WR 1 TE 2FLX….almost everyone in the league I’ve recruited from sleeper are pretty active year round and this type of format is a first for pretty much everyone in the league (myself included), so you wouldn’t be at much of a disadvantage.

Hey. I am interested. Can you send an invite or let me know the price?

Total price is $40. Here’s the link. Once you join look for the league constitution, it has a link to the rules, payment method, etc.

Says there are no spots available in the league? Guess I missed out?

Hi. Did you ever fill this slot? If not, I’d be interested. Thanks!