League vetoed a trade help

League vetoed the following trade:

Team A receives : Mike Evans

Team B receives : Buck Allen,
Marvin Jones Jr, and James Conner

Team B is the Lev Bell and McKinnon owner
Team A is stacked at WR and is looking to move one his receivers after this trade to improve at RB.

It’s been 6 years big trades have only been approved 1 time and the commish did it. Now with that said they wanted as in 7 people in the league wanted Team B to receive more. What do I do?! Leave this league next year?

I don’t see what’s wrong with the trade. Buck Allen will be a matchup play/flex emergency. Marvin Jones is nice high upside guy and again matchup play and Conner will likely have no value once Bell is back. If they don’t get rid of veto’s and are actually using them to block legitimate trades then i’d leave. Vetos are B/S and only there for collusion, which has to be proved anyway


No trade should be vetoed unless collusion. This trade is fair and could end up being Mike evans for Jones at any point during the season depending on what bell does. Team B is getting plenty, while team A is taking a risk

Have the veto reversed or find a new league… That is just rediculous… The trade is fine… And only collusion is the cause for any trade veto…

Team B is getting plenty. Yeah it could end up blowing up in their face, but they’re locking up the Pittsburgh backfield and getting a potential flex and a replacement starting WR to fill the hole with Evans leaving. The trade seems fully legit to me. I’d talk with the league and call them out on this because that’s BS. If they don’t agree to stop blocking legit trades then I would look for a new league.

Already tried to convince them with logic. It did not work I’m leaving this league at the end of the season.