League vetoed my trade, need help with a clever team name with collusion in it

Team vetoed a trade that I a guy accepted in my league where I was sending James Conner/Geronimo Allison for AJ Green( which I know is more favored for me but still), but people didn’t want the trade to go through so they convinced the owner of Green and the commish to veto the trade. I need a clever new name for my team. I have a picture of Kaepernick but cant think of something funny/clever for the name.

help out guys.

Collucid dreamin

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You don’t need a new team name. You need a new league.


Why did they overturn that??? You’re losing in that if anything. Bell ain’t coming back anytime soon.

yea I know the league is odd, only 2-3 people run the WW all the others believe that no one good is there and also call it the “boneyard” and multiple people the last two weeks have left players in their lineup that have been injured. But, its a paid league so im not going to give up just going to veto every trade that goes through.