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League Waiver Issue


So I’m 6-1 in a 16 man league with a bunch of friends and apparently the commissioner and a few others aren’t too fond of my waiver style. I will use a burner bench spot to pick up a Thursday player, then if they under perform I’ll drop them for an early Sunday guy, then Sunday night, then Monday, etc. According to these 5-6 people I’m “ruining” the league.
So the commissioner has decided that next season we are going to do a pay/transaction, to deter my style of waivers. A few other owners disagree with the decision because they can see this is directly affecting me since I make the most moves.
I’m not sure how to handle the situation because the commissioner has enough of the league in his pocket to have a majority rule against me. I’ve recommended faab but they don’t seem interested, just looking for thoughts/opinions on the matter


I don’t see that you’re doing anything wrong. You’re playing according to the rules of your league. I get if people want to change those rules (we went to a FAAB) but it should be a league decision put up for a vote. If you get outvoted then that’s fine and you’ll need to adjust accordingly, but I don’t view what you’re doing as wrong in any way. Other people have just as much ability to use the system as you but they don’t, and that’s not your fault.


I 100% agree that. The commissioner argues that FAAb won’t change the waiver issue with someone adding and dropping multiple players in a week, which is inaccurate. I’m gonna have to just put cash aside to continue the way I play. I just don’t agree with it.