League wants to limit Transactions - HELP

My league mates are passing a vote to limit us to 10 transactions (including add/drops and trades), and then have to pay $5 per transaction after that. They’ve tried to do this many years now, we have added $100 FAAB (after my convincing) for the past few years. The league is about 50/50 on the change, and so I’m worried the vote will pass.

Some of my league mates aren’t as into fantasy as others, and don’t pay attention / make many roster moves. They complain about some of us streaming QBs / Defenses and think this will make the league better.

Any suggestions from you guys on how to convince them otherwise? Or compromises we can make if it passes? I have already said make trades unlimited, and give 1 free transaction per week. - Would prefer unlimited roster moves though, help me please!

(Standard, 10 team, 3 keepers each)

Where does the $5 a transaction go?? Into the prize pool?

This is idiotic. Tell them that more activity = more fun league.

Honestly, if that’s the sentiment of the league, just suck it up for 1 year, and then just leave the league. I wouldn’t want to play with a bunch of guys who want to just sit on their draft and hope to win.

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Yes, adds to the winner’s $600 take.

I know I am so angry about it, but the 5 who are for it don’t understand that streaming is part of fantasy. It’s my only league, with friends of 15 years (I’m 26) and we watch the games together every Sunday. I can’t / won’t leave the league, but I really don’t want this limit in place.

Their argument is “it’s still unlimited moves, you just have to pay $5 each time, be smart about it” and it’s so frustrating because they’re stubborn and don’t realize how much changes over the season…

It will come down to one guy who’s on the fence about it. Really hope it doesn’t pass.