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League Weekly Awards + Yearly Awards


Hey people! I’m trying to take my commish game to a whole new level this year. Any cool weekly and/or yearly awards in your leagues??


I am far from a fantasy veteran so maybe these already exist but what about humiliating trophies like best player who sat on someone’s bench? Or maybe something for the lowest winning point total for a week?
Alternatively, best stream of the week? Kicker of the week (more to be foolish than anything). These may be stupid/already out there, just going from my own head


Each week I give out 4 or 5 awards, and take comical shots at each owner in a weekly round up. HSOW, overal high score of the week. BMOW, the dreaded bad move of the week award goes to a specific start/sit that causes an owner to lose. POW, or the pick up of the week, goes to the owner who makes the best free agent pick up or trade. Vox of the week goes to the best single line of trash talk on the leagues voxer app chain.


thanks much!


I do a few different things on a weekly basis, but the most popular is doing a Survivor competition.

Not like a suicide pool, but basically the low man of the week is eliminated. If you have a 12-team league, in Week 11 it will be down to two owners who have survived the season by not being the lowest scorer of the teams remaining. The highest scorer wins the competition collecting $100 which is our league fee.

The fellas like it because they don’t have to do anything extra and it gives some teams a goal if they’re weekly matchup is already decided.

We also do a reverse survivor when the “winner” is shamed with having to wear something they hate on Draft Day the following year. This past year our “winner” is an Army grad, so he had to wear a Navy shirt during the Draft.


I am the commish in my league we have been using this system for the last 4 seasons. Single most thing my league members love is weekly power rankings, there are some really nice spreadsheets floating around on reddit. We also give out the following weekly awards and the star system attached to them on ESPN :

Most points scored in a week: 2 Positive stars
Barely Enough Award: Closest win margin of the week: 1 positive star
20/20 Hindsight Award: Player with the Most bench points per week: 1 negative star
Least points scored of the week: 2 negative stars

Each Division Winner at the end of regular season: 3 positive stars and first round playoff bye +$50
We play 3 rounds of single week playoff matchups.
End of season-
Last Place: 5 negative stars
3rd place: 3 positive stars & $100
2nd Place: 4 positive stars & $300
1st place: 5 positive stars & $700

End of season ESPN has a trophy leaderboard and counts the number of total stars each team has earned (positive stars minus negative stars) I usually give this person a gift card to bass pro shops.


So my leagues don’t do much in the way of awards (typical 1st place trophy, last place trophy, a few tongue-in-cheek superlatives) but we do spread out the cash prize.

We do (based on 12-man league)…

  1. “Big” cash prize for the Champion (~58.3%, 7/12 shares)

  2. 2x Money back for runner-up (16.67%, 2/12 shares)

  3. Half-Money Back for Best Record (4.16%, 1/24 share)

  4. Half-Money Back for Most Points Scored (4.16%, 1/24 share)

  5. Weekly high-scorer award (Remaining two shares divided by 13 (~1.28% per week)

These help encourage weekly participation and rewards good management with regular season awards.


Over the years, two of my leagues have adopted a variety of payouts that help keep everyone in the league invested and fighting for big weeks, even if they’re having a tough year or didn’t make the playoffs.

Here’s a sample of payouts for a 12-team league with $90 in dues…

$350 – League Champ
$50 – League Runner-Up
$20 each – Division Winners (4)

$15 / week – Weekly High Score
$10 – “Big Time Performance”
(500 yards passing, 200 yards rushing, or 200 yards receiving)

$50 – Eliminator Pool (Weeks 1-11)

$10 / week – Weekly Challenges (Weeks 12-16)
(Most Receptions in a week, Most single digit losses in regular season, Most total bench points in a week, etc.)

$120 ($10 per team) – Goes into a growing “retention pool” that is only won when a team either goes 16-0 for a season, or wins the championship 2 years in a row. As this amount grows every year, it further incentivizes teams to stay in the league.


Appreciate the feedback everybody!