League winner or league loser?

Gotta important trade question. Not sure if I should consider this or not. Should I trade Carson and J. Gordon for Godwin and T. Coleman? I already have McCaffrey, Barkley, Michel, And Samuels At RB. I only have OBJ, J. Brown, M. Williams, And now D. Parker at WR. Really looking for advice. Very competitive league and I caught someone tilting when Barkley got hurt and that is why I have both McCaffrey and Barkley.

I’ve tilted myself this season… twice… you’d think I’d know better… anyways, with the rbs you have I’d take that trade. Coleman will be fine ros if you need to play him and Godwin has a range of 15-40 per week

I did the same with several players. I drafted kamara then traded for chubb and kamara. I think i would make that traded.

Yeah I’d do that. You get a top 5 WR then still have elite RBs