League winning deal?

My Edelman for their Cooper. Standard league. My other WRs are Golladay, Adams and Anderson.

Not sure about Amari’s injuries concerns but playoff matchups seem about even. Should I pull the trigger?

This seems like a lateral move.

Assume redraft. PPR or non-PPR?

seems like a pretty even swap. I prefer Edelman just because Tom likely to throw more and there will be less ups and downs

I’d take this. Amari may be more volatile, but is better on a weekly basis than Edelman, plus the additional bonus that Cooper’s bye week has already passed


I think Cooper is going to be better for a standard league than Edelman. Edelman is the perfect PPR wr.

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Also it’s not a perfect metric, but for what it’s worth, Cooper has “busted” 0 times this year if you don’t count the game where he was injured 3 snaps in (compared to Edelman’s 2 “busts”).

I think owners still have the taste of the boom/bust Raider’s Amari Cooper in their mouth, despite the fact that this year’s Amari Cooper has been a largely consistent player by the numbers. Obviously anything could happen going forward, but I wouldn’t necessarily view this as a “lateral” move

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