League Winning Stashes

I’m sitting at 6-2 second in my main league and with a solid roster so i should be in the mix. I’ve weathered the bye weeks pretty well, this is the worst for me as it is for most but my opponent is the same and also the weakest team in the league. With that in mind i’m looking to punt either the TE or DST position this week depending on what looks a better streaming option but going into week 10 based on my team i will have an open bench spot that i can stash someone as a potential league winner.

What would everyone’s opinion be here, my roster is below and there could be changes tomorrow depending on who gets dropped this week for the bye week hurt.
Options would be:

  • Stash one of the high value handcuffs - Malcom Brown, Spencer Ware. I’m leaning Brown in case the Rams rest starters as well as injury insurance.
  • If a solid QB gets dropped like Luck which could happen, do i insure Cam Newton? will be a trade chip if needed but the QBs get doubled up in my league so if i lost Cam it’ll be a big loss for my team.
  • Just stash another WR/RB guy like DJ Moore, Sutton if dropped, Golladay if dropped, Josh Adams etc and hope they find their way to consistent touches and/or increased roles for their teams?

How would people go about this? I’ve not had a free spot before this early in the season so usually i’m playing keep away from opponents or have two DST/QBs for playoff streaming but this year based on matchups i don’t need another DST or QB beyond Cam insurance. (FYI Ekeler is owned but if he is dropped he would be in the mix as well?)

My Team:
QB - Cam
RBs - Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Kerryon, Cohen, Ito,
WRs - OBJ, Green, Landry, Allen,
TE - Ertz
K / DST - Bailey / Jags
1 Free Bench Spot week 10 onwards (streaming a TE or DST this week for Ertz/Jags)

@MikeMeUpp would be good to get your view here though i suspect you’ll be of the view to stash one of the high upside handcuff guys barring any major changes to my current team situation between now and next week?

Im in the same boat. dropping andy dalton this week to pick up a RB handcuff. im leaning javorius allen, malcom brown, or spencer ware. also picking up denver this week to play them, then going to stash for the playoffs (if theyre available yall should do the same)

Incorrect. I do not stash handcuffs this early. It’s still 6 weeks to playoffs. Problem is I try and be early with most of my upside stashes so not sure how available guys are on your waivers. I.e. i stashed Sutton 2 weeks ago in anticipation of his potential trade/liked his involvement. Now he’s been traded so I’m sure he’ll be a very hot commodity in waivers today. If he’s available, i’d probably still grab him.

Ekeler is a good one to grab given Gordons health. People are all very big on Brown, i’m not sure if I’m sold on him. He’s kind of a one trick pony. Run up the middle when a hole is there. Otherwise, doesn’t do much. Has no edge speed, doesn’t catch the ball. If I were to actually pick someone in that backfield, it would be John Kelly for me. But I still think it’s too early to stash handcuffs. I’d wait till at least week 10 if not later.

If Golladay is dropped, def take him. Moore is another decent stash as well.

If Luck is dropped, you 100% have to own him. TBH, I might even prefer Luck to Cam based on passing volume and cam’s inconsistency.

Also, I would not punt TE and DST. You should be trying to win and scoring the highest points every week. You never know what might happen. Even if your team looks really strong, players can go off at any time. And you would feel like a fool for punting the position and end up losing by like 4-5 points.

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Good points all round. Sutton was picked up last week and before i got to him so i missed there sadly. Wondering if Ekeler will be dropped, Golladay i may have a trade for Landry lined up (could be a steal if Tate gets moved). I was going to ask on John Kelly actually but that does make sense given Brown’s deficiencies. I’m sure i can end up with Moore as well if i missed on Golladay, Luck, Ekeler etc.

Agree on Luck, Cam’s been good for me this year but the way Luck is playing i’d feel safer with him in there as well.

I do hate to punt the position but would you drop the Jags DST here given there rest of season schedule? I know they’ll get scoped up but i’ll wait for waivers to go because everyone is struggling so a lot of teams holding 2 DSTs, 2 TEs, 2 QBs will have to make drops so the pool will change quiet a bit tomorrow so i’ll see whats there

yea it will be an interesting waiver week tomorrow. Id consider holding denver’s defense if you cant get Jags back, also KC is a great play this week and next. i have gordon so if Ekeler is dropped im bidding a good amount on him.

Tate has already been moved.

TOtally fine with dropping jags D. They haven’t played up to their name all season and bortles will continue to limit them. Let someone else commit to holding a defense for 8 weeks. I bet you can stream on a weekly basis and achieve higher point totals than playing jags.

Yeah heard on my way home, still on the cards to trade though so will push for that one.

Fair point on the Jags will see what hits the waivers this week