League Winning Trade Targets

What’s up guys. I’m in a 20 team PPR. Started out 0-3 but made a few trades and my teams been getting hot the last three weeks. This week I’m about to take out the first place team in our league.

I feel like with one final move I could put my team over the top and bring home a championship. Here’s the players I’m trying to package to upgrade my final spot.

L. Murray
D. Westbrook
J. Gordon

D. Woodhead

Abdullah and Mixon have been my starting RB’s most weeks. And the rest have been staying on the bench. I’ve got Woodhead coming back in a couple weeks which I think could be huge as long as he’s healty, but also could be willing to throw him out there for the right piece.

I like where my team’s at going into the stretch run for the playoffs, so I don’t want to take an unnecessary risk but would like to try and get a more reliable piece I could plug in every week in return.

Any ideas on some trade targets?

Sorry this post was so long


Alshon Jeffrey is a league winning target.

In a contract year, has shown he can do it.

Strikes me as a player that will turn it up big time to cash in.

Could easily see him finishing top 5-10 WR rest of season.

Ajayi. I see big ceiling for him in the future and considering your starting Mixon and Abdullah, he’s an upgrade. Maybe try to throw 2 together and get a RB1 (shady is a buy low this week)

I’ve actually got Alshon on my roster :wink:

Traded Deshaun Watson for him earlier this year after his first big game this season.

I’m stoked to see what he does this second half tho, it seemed like him and Wentz just needed to get a little more chemistry and now it’s starting to show up.

That was looking like a rough deal a couple weeks ago,. I’ve got him on my roster as well so hopefully he turns it up on the back half of the season!

Yeah lol I was kicking myself some the first couple weeks after that trade, at least Alshon’s been turning it up the past couple weeks for the stretch run.

I tried trading for Ajayi last week before his first game with Philly but that owners been inactive all season :confused:

Oh wells, just gotta go after someone else.