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League with new players?


Hi all, wondering what your thoughts are on draft strategy for a league with lots of newbies on it. I’ve got a 12 team league this year and about half are completely new to fantasy football. Thinking we may have quarterbacks going a little earlier than other leagues? Any thoughts on how to go into a league like this as compared to a league with more seasoned members?


My sister-in-law’s family started a league 3 years ago and asked me to join. Like yours, half had never played FF before so the first draft was pretty wild. I started helping my SIL and niece with their waiver wire moves and their start/sit decisions and taught them how to play.

The first year was lopsided and the newbies didn’t fare so well. But the next year the draft was a LOT better and then last year’s draft was even better. This year they decided to do an auction draft for the 12 team league.

So if you want to win and not have so much competition, use your knowledge and skills to punish the newbies. If you want some real enjoyment, help the newbies become better players … while you are kicking butt.


I agree with HarpersDad. If the league is a bunch of your friends, help them out, the league will be more enjoyable and hopefully they all return next year. But if you don’t know most of them, do you and take the money.

My strategy wouldn’t change, QBs may go early, just use your tiers and you’ll be fine. A lot of value will fall to you cause you’ll probably have a Dallas fan draft Dez in the 1st round.