Leauge full

Starting a new league. Looking for players who will be active and competitive. 25 man rosters, 4 taxi, $50 buy in. Let me know if you’re interested, looking to draft soon

I’m interested but need more info about the league

Sure man, what do you want to know? Roster positions are pretty standard, 2 FLEX no kickers or defense. Gonna have 2 seperate drafts, a vet draft first and then a rookie draft with the inverse picking order

How many teams? And is this on sleeper?

Its on Sleeper yes, 12 teams

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Very interested message me on sleeper jre17259 or email me jre17259@gmail.com with the details

I’m in. I’m at Lopp80 on sleeper

Interested! Oatw on Sleeper

Interested. JStew81 on Sleeper.

Sent the invite over, welcome in man!

I didnt receive it