Leauge Issues

Got a Issue,

SO i have been in a league that i joined with a bunch of dude from an old job. the league has been around for about 7 years. We lost one of our members, so i suggested that one of my good friends to join, he has played fantasy with me in the past and we always talk football and such. Well now that he is in the league he is not active at all and i am constantly having to remind him to go grab dudes off the waivers and such. he lost DJ and i have been suggesting RB fro him to pick up i have really good RB depth. Should i let the commish know, and suggest for him to get out of league next year or just keep giving him suggestions?

What would you all do

If he’s a good friend I would talk to him about it after the season and ask him if he really wants to play. Tell him yall take that league serious and only want players who are serious about it.

If you don’t want to confront him then honestly the commissioner can just not invite him back next year as well. Commish has the all power


just have the commissioner refuse an invite next year. I’m in a 12 man with a guy who quit after 3 weeks. At this point his rosters rolling as is (annoying but manageable) but if he’s in it next year I wont’ be back. I don’t like leagues with inactive owners.