Leave Mostert and Lockett on the Bench?

According to the Ballers my starting WRs and RBs should be as follows:

RB1: Christian McCaffrey
RB2: Dalvin Cook
WR1: Amari Cooper
WR2: Emmanuel Sanders
FLEX: Chris Carson

Notable Bench RBs: Tyler Lockett, Diontae Johnson
Notable Bench WRs: Raheem Mostert

Any thoughts on how/whether you would shake this up? Cooper vs the Rams makes me nervous, as do both Sanders and Lockett.

Thanks guys,

I’m starting Lockett over Cooper(matched up vs Jalen Ramsay w15). Probably would go with Sanders+Lockett at WR and keep your RB’s the same

I see your point about Cooper. Those guys could easily put up 50 but could also put up 10, scares me a little in the playoffs…

With your line up unless your in a 8 man who cares

I should be okay, as its 12 team. Just an added wrinkle of strategy given he Has Russ and I have Deshaun at QB, while I own Lockett and he owns Hopkins (maybe nerfing eachothers’ QBs)