Leaving Starting Positions Empty

What are your thoughts on leaving a starting position empty?

This topic is currently being discussed in my league. This discussion started because a team left a DST position empty on a MNF game to avoid getting negative points and seal the matchup victory. They won by 2 points and the DST scored 0 points on the bench. Should this be allowed? Or should all starting positions be filled with an active player?

Depends on if your league rules allow it. I always have the rule that you have to fill your starting lineup otherwise you take the L for that week.

If no rule is in place, I’d let the commish decide, but I always make it so you have to start a full lineup. Negative points are part of fantasy football, just gotta live with it

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In my redraft league, we follow the start or don’t start policy, its the choice of the owner. To me, if not starting a defense, to avoid negative points allows for a team to win, then its a great idea. The goal is to win, I want everyone in my league try and win so its always competitive. Sometimes, there is a great waiver/FAB/FA pickup after the Thursday game and the only player you’re willing to drop is your kicker. So some guys will drop the kicker, not play a kicker, so they can get the FA. Its all strategy; and sometimes, the sitting of a defense or kicker is good strategy.

Dynasty is much more complicated because you have some teams taking for a better rookie draft spot. The way we have it is that you must start every position player slot where you have an available guy to start. For example, if you have a QB not on a bye, you must start a QB. But, if you have a kicker not on bye, you do not have to start a kicker. This mitigates some of the tanking but allows people to have opportunity for strategy.


I think the league should vote on that issue.

I agree with @whoppology101, this is a league vote issue. In both of my scenarios, our leagues decided on our policy

This should be a vote, In our league a full your starting line up. But this was set out in rules to prevent teams trying to tank certain games to get better draft spots.

This comes up every year in my league… it really only comes down to the final week or two before the playoffs and a playoff team throwing a week to a team that they would rather face in the playoffs…I do have rules in place to punish from full on tanking for draft position, but playoff seeding is the main issue I have ran into…

Personally, it’s a viable strategy and I don’t see it being punishment worthy… the team that gets bumped from the playoffs because of it usually has a different opinion on the matter tho…

it’s usually done by pulling late Sunday or Monday night players in order to give themselves a loss if they desire

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I disagree with the league vote and think it is up to each individual team owner to act as they see best for their team, whether that is trying to win or trying to lose. If my losing to tank affects playoff seeding, too bad. That happens in the NFL too.

If Gettleman thinks trading Odell and starting Eli is the best course of action for their franchise, that’s up to them.

If you suspect collusion, that’s a different story and you should replace the owners.

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