Lee or Hurns

i lost aRob, but i won last week so i have one of the last priority ww…

so would you rather Hurns or Lee (or i could try for Agholor)

this is a ppr league…thanks for your help

Ppr I’d go with lee…but I feel hurns has higher td potential.

It’s a close one, but thinking probable Lee. I lost ARob too and actually I DID go with Agholor, but seriously re-thinking it. Lee is still available.

I know the guys talked about this a couple episodes ago and they all went hurns if I’m not mistaken

You’re right they all went hurns. He has higher upside. I think agholor is a good stream this week too though

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The main reason I went with Agholor is because of the match-ups. Except for week 6 vs Car and week 8 vs SF, Phi has some really nice meetings. At least thru week 9.

Sorry. Reckon I should have been more specific in my last reply. Meant Philly has some really nice meetings for WR’s most weeks thru week 9.