Legacy League 2nd year. Trade

Cook or Bell in Legacy league?

Possibly a dumb question, but what is a legacy league? I assume its similar to a dynasty or keeper league. Before I give advice, I figured it is good practice to know the league format lol

I lean Bell but it isn’t by much.

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Legacy is first person to two championships wins a bigger side pot that is growing over the years

Oh, I’ve been doing that for years and never knew the name for it.
That being said, I go Cook.
Cook has youth, a better offense, versatile skills, the backfield to himself, a good OL, and a coach dedicated to running the ball.
Bell is a stud, but his offense is worse, his OL is average at best and unfamiliar with his running style, and he is older.

I think this year, both Cook and Bell will both finish between 8-12; but, Cook has higher upside because he has more chances for TDs being on the better offense. Beyond just this year, Cook should rise in production whereas Bell will decrease.

Jets could be on fire this year, though. I’d go with Bell. Especially since Cook has the bones of a weak bird, hollow and useless.

I took Bell, I’m looking for more of a win now type of player ceiling…Cook has hurt me with injuries in the past…

I hope it works out for you. I’m pretty conflicted between those two.

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