Leonard Fournette ADP

Is taking Fournette with the 13th pick in a 16 team league too early?? Not knowing if he’ll make it back to me in the 2nd

For me, I like to go with a lower risk guy with my first pick. Fournette should wind up was the lead back, but we don’t know exactly when that will be. He is supper talented, but he is on a bad team (think Todd Gurley last year). It really seems like a reach too. I bet you could pick up Mike Evans or Michael Thomas in the 1st and still be able to get Fournette in the 2nd round with the 20th overall pick.

Depends on how the run at RB goes. If howard isn’t still there, he just might be the only other option. But I would suggest taking the risk that he does and take the top WR and hoping that he makes it back to you of anything. I have talked a big game for fournette, but as my number 1 pick? I just don’t think I could pull the trigger.

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I would def think about taking him, pending the foot issue. He is super talented on a team with a good defense which should keep them in games. He is also in a pretty easy division defense wise other than Houston and has a very nice schedule later in the year. With that said you could go wr first round and look at someone like Crow in the second.

True true I’m just scared he won’t make it back to me and he’s my guy I see too 5 potential

I wouldn’t take him that early, personally. If he doesn’t get back to me, I’ll survive. The talent is legit, but I have serious concerns about the situatuon.