Leonard Fournette for Adam Thielen PPR league

Buddy desperately needs a running back and is offering me Adam Thielen for Leonard Fournette in a ppr league. My other two backs are David Johnson and Josh Jacobs, and my WRs are Kenny G, Tyler Lockett and Odell Beckham. Should I try to get more or is it good enough by it’s own. Any input would be great and welcomed thank you!

Trade him Jacobs for Thielen if you want Thielen… if you want to trade Fournette do it after he puts up 30 points on Denver’s terrible rushing defense

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Good thinking. Appreciate your input thank you very much!

Fournette has almost the same number of receptions as Thielen does right now so I would stand pat.

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Damn That’s also a good point, I wasn’t aware of that. Thank you for your input!