Leonard Fournette is a RB 1 or RB 2?

Yeah pretty sure they wanted to get him some reps, but the Jags offensive line does not seem like they will get Fournette long runs.

Maybe in ppr leagues but I don’t think he’ll make an impact in regular leagues.

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@cmeasel, you don’t think he’ll do anything with 200 carries and 40 receptions?

well PPR is the new standard league, and i dont play old standard at all. never have never will i suspect. so for me those catches are big news. but you are right, my opinion stays about the same on him in a standard league. more volume of any kind will always raise a persons value in any league setting though. more volume means more touches, more touches means more chances for TDs.

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He very well could but I think he’ll be better suited for ppr especially when Murray comes back. I think cook will be a change of pace and receiving back and Murray being a first and second down and goal line back.

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Murray isn’t actually very good between the 20’s, you could be right, but I think it won’t be hard for Cook to win the feature back role. Cook’s vision and football intelligence (really odd for a rookie), is what will win him that role…I predict.

@BusterD, I believe in games played Fournette averaged 21 carries per game. My pictures will be coming soon.

Haha I saw the gillislee post and I came right here to make sure you didn’t forget about this one!

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Oh I am a man of my word, soon to be a wet man of my word.

Haha me as well. How would you like to do it? Just a cup of water to the face?

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Use the app, fate will decide your…fate i guess.