Leonard Fournette Trade----NEED HELP

Im in a full PPR league. I just got offered a trade. I would receive Leonard Fournette and they would receive Jordan Howard and the Eagles DST. Should I accept the trade??
My other running backs are Ezekiel Elliott, Melvin Gordon, Adrian Peterson, and Christian McCaffrey. (I have a lot of running backs because Im trying to figure out the Zeke issue)

I would do that in a heartbeat

oh yea. 100%

Wow, I wish I would get trade offers like that. Take it and run before they reconsider!

After you accept that you could trade some of your RB for another position you need in your team.

Now he is saying he wants to sit on it and think about it until next week. Should I throw someone else in to try to persuade him to this week??? If so then who??

I would receive:
Leonard Fournette

He would receive:
Jordan Howard
Eagles DST
and either Adrian Peterson, Christian McCaffrey, Will Fuller, Chris Hogan, or Kelvin Benjamin