LeSean McCoy + Devin Singletary Stack?

I’ve been seeing this situation arise in a few mock drafts, so I wanted to get the Foot Clan’s opinion.

10 team, half PPR. I have pick one, so around the turn of rounds 10/11 I get two back-to-back picks. Assuming my roster construction warrants the need for RBs, do you think taking LeSean McCoy and Devin Singletary right next to each other is smart?

I believe Devin will be the lead guy in Buffalo, long-term, but I think LeSean will start the season and have a few good games before Devin starts to move into the starter conversation, not to mention a handcuff if McCoy gets hurt.

Is that a good time to jump on those two? I don’t really want one without the other, but it’s unlikely the second makes it back to me a round later. Thoughts?

Not crazy … a few years back I did that in 7-8 or 8-9 to grab Freeman-Coleman and had Freeman go off as part of my championship team. The Ballers aren’t that high on Buffalo (and F-C was Atlanta), so not exactly the same. Given you have number 1, try not to need RBs at that point :smiley: Some interesting WRs in that range.

agree with @ddamienw, try not to need RBs by then haha

Don’t draft McCoy, do draft Singeltary in the late rounds for the eventual upside. Use that McCoy pick on something more valuable.