LeSean McCoy Dynasty Trade Value

I’m in a 10 team Dynasty going into our second year. What would you look at getting back in a trade for LeSean McCoy? Below are the league details and my keepers and picks. I finished 3rd this year.

Start: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX, 1 DP, D/ST, K, 12 BENCH

My Keepers:
RB - Jordan Howard, LeSean McCoy, Aaron Jones, Jamaal WIlliams,
D’Onta Foreman, Marlon Mack, Elijah McGuire
WR - Keenan Allen, Golden Tate, Cooper Kupp, Jamison Crowder,
Julian Edelman
TE - Cameron Brate, Hunter Henry, Austin Sefarian-Jenkins
I have the 8th pick and the 13th pick in the upcoming draft.
People i am loosing but could keep are T Brady, M Mariotta, M Stafford,
B Bortles, and Corey Coleman.
Any suggestions on changing my keepers and what I might be able to get for LeSean McCoy.

To give an example, I traded Lesean McCoy a few weeks back for Allen Robinson.
I would recommend trading him for another rb though, looking at your roster. You’ll likely have to make a deal with someone who can use McCoy to compete this year. Some guys you might be able to get are Tevin Coleman (once he leaves Atlanta after this year, he will blow up), Kenyan Drake, or Jerrick McKinnon. Someone might do it for a Jordan Howard or Joe Mixon. Throw some offers out there for some higher value guys. Worst that will happen is they say no.

I am in the same scenario as you. After looking around the league at what I could get back for him, it was either another aging player of lesser skill or an unproven guy that might be good or might be terrible. I decided that leaving him on my team and using him till the wheels come off was the best thing for my team. Hopefully he can have a really good game or two and you might be able to move him.