Lesean McCoy for Kereem Hunt Trade Advice

The Kareem Hunt owner is upset with his not getting any touchdowns the last 4 weeks and Lesean McCoy just put up 20 points with 2TDs last night, so this trade has become very possible in my league.

I know earlier in the season this may have been a no brainer but Lesean McCoy has better strength of schedule and a lot of easy games coming up, not to mention the offensive staff changes and the injury of Clay. Stat wise they receive very similar volume, but Kareem Hunt has greater yards per game and so a much safer floor. Lesean McCoy is also more involved in the passing game than Kareem.

I just want some support before I trade away my number one draft pick and the best player on my team.

McCoy only has 7 more receptions with no TDs where Hunt has 2 rec tds. He also plays on a better offense as well. I think it’s a pretty fair trade, but remember McCoy has 1 extra game as he has already had his bye week. I would probably stay put with the extra game in hand. Plus gets NO, INDY, LAC, and OAK all bad run defenses