Lesean mccoy

What’s the consensus here. I’ve traded him in some of my other leagues for great value (mccoy for aj green straight up) he fell to the 5th round to me last night. Anybody hear any news on what his outcome will be?

Don’t think we’re going to know for a while. Personally, I’m not drafting him.

I stopped drafting him as well but when I saw him there in the 5th round I figured since I already had D.J. and McKinnon if it works out it’ll be a great flex. However. Not hearing any updates for a while has got me slightly concerned. Don’t wanna miss my window to move him, what would his value even be at this point.

I agree with the view that you need to avoid him but at some point he does have a value but it’s completely draft dependant and knowing your league. If everyone goes fully hands off and I’ve got 4 solid RBs and WRs, and i’m getting towards round 9 or 10 if he’s there i’ll take a shot unless there’s a QB or TE or upside player i like more, but otherwise i’m hands off. If you don’t know his situation when drafting, given that he could be done in the league worst case or best case he’s a volume machine and has a safe RB2 floor it’s hard to call but has to be taken low enough that if in week 2 he gets a season long ban i can drop him and my team doesn’t miss a beat