Less than 20 spots left in 120 man charity tournament sfb for everyday users dont miss out

120 man charity torunament 10 leagues 12 teams 15 buy in 5 goes to charity(mystuffbags) all money on leaguesafe top 12 get paid out to crown the best…have a google doc with detailed break down on how it works…no trading…100 faab for the wire, Qb rb rb wr wr wr te flex flex super flex… .5 reception .5 first down .2 carries 6 pt passing td .5 te preimeum, all drafts start mid august slow drafts with no time limit…over 9 leagues full,…help prove ur one of the best, bring home the ultimate footclan title, help a good cause…whats 15 dollars guys cmon…ive filled 9 leagues in 10 days dont miss ur chance…email me jxwakefield@gmail.com