Lesson For the Future

I learned a valuable lesson today. I thought I lost n the semis by 1.5 points only to be propelled into the championship this morning due to a stat correction. I didnt play waivrers this week feeling like it was more sporting to let Championship teams get their bids in first. Now of course I regret that as I missed out on Robby Anderson who likely would have been WR3. Moral of the story…If you are within a few points of victory in the playoffs play the waivers as if you could still win. You never know…

I always play waivers regardless. If i’m out of playoffs it’s to make it harder on those still in it. And if i’m in playoffs it’s to win money. This is why playing for 3rd place money is so important.

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Yeah, there is always plenty of debate on non playoff teams making waiver claims, but given this experience I am more inclined to participate in the future!