Let’s Compare what you have

Season is over half way over, and playoff rosters are being fine tuned. Lots of Busts and Injuries this year compare your draft board to your current end of season roster. What’s your record any good trades made. Shout out some thoughts and advice.

12 man PPR 5-3 record on my way to 6-3. 4th place in the league.

Week 1

Current roster

I am 7-1 should be 8-1 assuming a miracle doesn’t happen today and lock down 1st. I don’t have pictures to compare drafted roster to my current, but I only have 2 players I drafted (Bell and Rus) and everyone else is trades/FA

Larry & Watkins for Hogan
Jordy & Montgomery for Thompson & Benjamin
D Jax for Gore
Stewart & Sanders for Parker and Jacquizz
Cousins for Brees

@Kroutonn I was bored. Sleeper bot lets you upload your roster with screen shots. Then I just used pic stitch to put the benches side by side.