Let’s Go Colts?

In my mocks I keep pairing Ty Hilton and Mack, Is that an okay situation for me? I personally like the combo but also feel like it could come back to bite me

I wouldnt do this unless I knew 100% luck is starting the season…the whole offense takes a large step back with out him. You would take a hit if you owned even 1 of the pieced but owning both it could leave you an early hole to climb out of.

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Okay so now a bigger question, Which of the 2 would be a better pick?
I get TY IN 2nd
Mack in 3R

I like TY better personally

if luck doesn’t play I would lean toward Mack as Hilton is more effected by luck not starting…we have evidence of Hilton’s drop from 2017…this isn’t expected to be a full season injury but if it lingers longer then expected even loosing 4 games with luck could impact Hilton significantly