Let’s play a game…Gibson or

Hey everyone I have Antonio Gibson and am worried for him ROS. I’m trying to trade him for basically anyone…wasn’t sure what the limit would be…I’m thinking of offering him for the following
-javonte Williams
-Clyde edwards helaire
-Chris carson
-Josh jacobs
-Elijah Mitchell
-zack moss

If you could help me draw a line of who not to trade Gibson for, I would appreciate it. Thanks for the help.

Quite honestly, Gibby’s trade value is squat right now.

Imho, you would be lucky to get Moss or Carson for him, possibly CEH if lucky. This of course depends on how your leaguemates are and roster construction.

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So if you had Gibson would you trade for moss, carson or CEH? Or would you hold?

I, personally, would see if I could swing for CEH.

As someone who started off with ceh, but traded him a few weeks ago, I’d take him back for Gibson now. And ceh is very frustrating to have (hence the trade).
I’d take any of those for Gibson really. Hrs probably at the level now that you’d have to even package him with someone else to get one of those players! :flushed:

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Was offered CEH and devonte smith for Gibson and Tyler Lockett.

My team consists of Brady and Wilson as Qb’s, hockenson and kittle as tight ends, Gibson, mckissic, Chubb, d‘Ernest Johnson, Stevenson, mattison and booker as running backs and Antonio brown, Lockett, Pittman & Keenan Allen as my receivers. I know I shouldn’t have two quarter backs and two tight ends, but Wilson and kittle were too good to be laying on the waiver wire.

Im thinking about accepting the offer. What do you guys think?

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i just traded him away and would take that trade. i would do anything to get away from gibby

I felt that I was giving away too much so I offered kittle and booker for Robinson and was accepted and traded Gibson for javonte Williams…hoping for a big second half