Let’s talk handcuffs

I know this is the time to back up your RBs and always recommended that you grab some high end handcuffs as well.
That leads to my question:

How necessary is it to really roster them?
The main 2, the most popular 2- Alex Mattison and Tony Pollard. Why roster them?

Tony Pollard in no doubt has played with more juice than Zeke has this year. You can tell immediately it’s him when he’s on the field. Why grab him though? That offense is horrible. That schedule coming up isn’t even that great. You believe in Pollard that much?

Alex Mattison- this might be a little biased since I had him at the beginning of the year and when Cook was injured, I almost lost my mind with excitement because I had that handcuff rostered. Of course, like many of you, were burned. Mattison looks to me is better as just a quick down or two but not as the bell cow. And with that horrible, HORRIBLE, playoff schedule, why roster him?

I hate to say it, but I’m out on Pollard and Mattison. Someone change my mind.


I agree with you.

I think L. Murray is the best “handcuff” currently while the QB/TE is starting.

And I totally agree with you on that.
I ended up trading Henderson for him-that manager isn’t happy with me.

Anyway, the only handcuffs that seem worth it to me are L. Murray, Jamaal Williams, D’onte Foreman and Devontae Booker.

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Agree with this, I mean if you have two dead spots and have either Zeke or Cook then I don’t think having the handcuff is the worst idea. But given the schedules, handcuff talent and team play (Dallas) this may be just for 14 team leagues. Also assuming you have a weaker set of RBs as depth, at least you can lock in touches if you have them and your starter goes down - which is like gold at RB this year lol. But that’s the only situation.

There are better depth stashes at this point still I think, Snell, Akers etc. They could be league winning type pick ups or nothing but are more high value lottery tickets than the main handcuffs. Murray and Williams are by far the best right now, they are arguably decent flex options at the moment and have major upside if Kamara or Jones goes down.

Foreman is a sneaky shout but as we’re in yeti season Henry is probably invulnerable now as well as unstoppable so no point there :wink:
Booker is a must add if you own Jacobs and are playoff bound or need to win this week.

I get a motivation to handcuff your own key rb stars, but it’s not something I get too upset if I don’t have them. Bench spots are at such a premium especially with carrying more than one DST to get end of season best matchups and getting guys I can plug in and not be damaged by starting.

If you have space I think it’s a great idea. But if you have space I’m also a bit worried about the depth of my opponents.

I’m loving this conversation. It’s also making me feel better when every time I hear an analyst tell me to pick up Pollard or Mattison and I think, “Why?” Especially now- they are completely off my radar.
My roster right now, has L. Murray for a flex/high end handcuff, Booker to back up Jacobs, debating grabbing Foreman because I have Henry- but like James89 said, probably unnecessary. I’ve got 2 defenses rostered, Rams and Colts, so I think I’m set.

I have thought of grabbing Mattison, who is on waivers in one of my leagues, but in the case that Cook does go down, I want the Cook owner to grab him as a landmine.

Sigh- playoff season.

A thing that annoys me occasionally with fantasy analysts is the idea that there’s a right way to win at fantasy football.

Examples don’t have two qbs ideally I won’t but if I’m streaming and a guy has an awful matchup followed by four great ones I’m not risking someone else picking him up. He’ll ride pine on my roster.

You need luck, effort, skill and a lot of time and even then you’re at the mercy of some random exploding and ending your season.


Agree with this. Most years it’s either early or late when a major RB stud goes down for the ROS and someone is either lucky to have them already, or has the most FAAB or top waiver priority or sees the news first.
It’s just mitigating risk from a full loss to a partial one. But the risk if the starter for that handcuff doesn’t go down is you lose a depth piece in someone you can actually use. This year more than ever leads itself to lots of depth, and not so much the handcuff game. You need to think about 2 QBs, hell even 2TEs as well as plenty of RB and WR options - ideally on different teams to cover the risk of Covid issues.

In my main 14 team league, most handcuffs are on waivers and have been all year. Aside form the weeks when the starter missed, but were promptly dropped, and haven’t been rostered again. But there is next to nothing out there in useable depth as a result.

It’s been an interesting year.

I’m out on Pollard. Even though he looks more explosive, that offense and offensive line have not been helping the case. As for Mattison, I think that is a tricky situation. If Cook were to go down, and after Mattison’s flop earlier in the year, I feel like that backfield could get split between Mattison, Boone, and Abdullah (never thought I’d say that name again).

Some handcuffs I do like this year we’re mostly named above, Murray, Williams, Booker, but one that wasn’t mentioned was Hyde. It’s not pretty, but we saw in week 11 that if he gets the backfield to himself he can have a good week. But… I’m also dropping him for Kittle with my number 1 waiver move so maybe everything I just said is totally useless.


Hyde is a good handcuff.

Mattison I am completely out on. I dont trust him period. Yes, he gets the volume when Cook is out but 20 rush for 30 yds means nothing to me. Volume isnt always king when the player is highly inefficient with it.

I would rather have J. Williams over Mattison. Williams may only get 10-12 touches (sometimes less) but at least he is efficient with his touches.

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Hyde is a great name to bring up- that man running like a young man out there. With a high scoring offense, why wouldn’t you want that back!?

That TD rush right up the middle last week!? Yeah, that’s making your opportunities count.

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I’m not normally in on handcuffs for my guys. I do like them for other teams though. That is, if I have Zeke I’m not taking Pollard. I’d look at Williams. If I’m going to bet on someone going down, I’ll bet on another team and reap if I’m right. Plus it eliminates the NEP seasons where you just never know. Your guy is either in or not. Makes lineups easier.

I would also throw Scott into the mix. That guy has some juice. That said, I think LattyMo is the best handcuff this season. Williams is there as well (in GB). I’d look at them in this order: LattyMo / Williams / Scott / Pollard / Mattison. But again I’m really only looking at guys who back up players on other teams if I do not have them already on roster.