Let’s wake up on Howard

All right, let’s cut the BS. Howard still hasn’t looked good thru 4 weeks. Today was absolutely horrific. I feel like people keep making excuses talking about his usage and volume . Are we going to keep lying to ourselves about Howard? Or are we going to wake up a bit?

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I know there has to be more sharing my opinion…

I will be looking to trade him this week

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Me too man. What do you think is going on? The new coaching staff now as committed to him? Or he doesn’t fit as well?

Howard for Kenyan Drake? What would be a fair trade?

I am going to look to upgrade at WR but I have good RB depth.

I don’t know what is going on but he isn’t getting the touches. He should have had a lot more in the second half but they aren’t planning him in when they are up. No idea why.

I will be looking to package howard with someone to upgrade at running back. I was one of the unfortunate bell owners, so Howard is my number one . I can’t continue to survive with his shitty play

That’s the thing, from the eye test he has looked horrible to me. I feel like the past few years he has always looked good running and always has picked up chunk plays running downhill . I have seen none of that this year

This was a very weird game for sure. Total blowout where howard should have seen the touches but didn’t. I’m honestly not too sure what’s going on but I think he’s just not fitting into the run blocking scheme that well and the bears do have a tonne of weapons so they are spreading it out more.

Not sure if I’m giving up on him right away yet though but I am definitely more aware and am open to the possibility of being wrong on this one. Want to see how a regular game goes.

They wanted to avoid risking injury in a game they had no chance of losing almost as soon as it started. And they used it as an opportunity to get a better sense of Cohen’s potential.

I think they clearly learned Cohen deserves more involvement, but no chance he is going to be their starter all of the sudden or anything drastic in the immediate future. It’s absolutely still J Howard’s job to lose at this point. But I do think touches between Howard and Cohen will look more even going forward. I wouldn’t expect Howard to not be the go-to choice on the goal line though.

People like me will be happy to accept J Howard/Fournette/other “underachievers” from today at bargain prices from those who are shopping them, that’s for sure. I think this was good news for Howard frankly - Trubisky showed he is actually an aerial threat for once, so opposing defenses aren’t gonna be as laser focused on the run, hopefully.


I have been trying to move Howard for 2 weeks now haha

Right now I have been offered TY Hilton, Landry, Sanders, Kupp (all 1 for 1)… two weeks ago I was offered Jeffery and should have taken it then.

Not sure what to move him for or what’s comparable value from a WR perspective…

Cohen was heavily used and the bears offence looked better and more dynamic than it has looked in the last 3 weeks. I think the coaching staff will notice this.

Do you have depth at RB and are you thin at WR? I’d give Landry slight consideration if that’s your situation, but Baker makes that a risk of course. Very possibly a risk worth taking if you need WR’s badly though.

I mean the TD Landry caught from Baker looked like they’ve played together since age 10. That was some very promising stuff.

That’s what I’m thinking. I have a lot of RB depth (Howard, Conner, Mixon, Breida, Michel, Coleman).

My WRs I have AB and Hopkins. For depth I really only have Golladay (I also have Boyd, but not sure how reliable he will be going forward with Mixon back taking some targets). So was going to move Howard for a WR2.

Oh wow. I would totally take Landry with that RB depth.

Of all the 1:1’s you mentioned, Landry is the best option without question imo

I might be able to trade for D.Adams as well.

Thank you for your help btw!!

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Nice, those two are honestly abt equal with a preference for Adams imo. Less upside with Adams but more confidence that he’ll always be in the WR1 mix having Rodgers throwing to him. Landry I’d only consider actually if you are in PPR.

and no problem!

It was definitely a weird game, but I think this kind of game should’ve been the perfect time to shine.

I really don’t think he fits in the offense. I think it is safe to say that I am bailing . I don’t know if I can say he’s had a single play where I thought he looked as good as the last 2 years.
Even when he gets the volume I feel like the ceiling is very low . But I am more worried bc he is my RB1 (thanks Bell)