Let your frustration out about Michael Thomas here

Am I the only one that’s starting to get concerned with his lack of production.

Yeah you are. He’s getting plenty of targets, brees is sucking ass, and it’s extremely slippery. He had two potential touchdown situations - just be patienr.

Can’t be patient when I’m 2-4 and I need him to have a big game

Too many mouths to feed!!!


I’ll take 15 PPR points all day


I’m not sure why you’re so upset with him, unless you’re Standard scoring. Except for his BYE week 5 and last week VS DET, he’s been killing it in my PPR league. Wish I had him!!!

He didnt do too bad. I’m not concerned at all though, I mean he’s the #1 target for Drew Brees for crying out loud haha. Gotta take the monster 100 yards with a touchdown games with the quieter performances. Because of the offense and target share, I’d rather have him than most other recievers out there. (I view him as a second teir reciever, the only guys above his teir being AJG, AB, and Julio).

Just remember this: never let yourself be the guy that someone buys low from! I know you most likely drafted him in the late first, early second round and are leaning on him most likely as your WR1, but remember that the WR position as a whole is typically very inconsistent.

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Well said and good points there ^^^^^

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