Lets have some fun

You be the deciding factor! Who should I start Russell Wilson or Lamar Jackson .

Lamar Jackson

Ditto, Jackson

LJ! Raiders have bad run D

Wilson has scored a minimum of 25ish fantasy points since week 5. No contest for me, you have to go with the great man over a rookie playing his second game.

So far!!
L Jackson 3
R Wilson 1

One last push before game time. Any other votes???

I say Wilson.

Looks like Wilson outdid Jackson by 4-5 pts this week but both had really good fantasy days.

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Yahoo PPR
Jackson 31 points-
Russell Wilson 45.35 points-

Jackson had 14 comp, 178 passing yards with a passing touchdown (1 x 40+ yard comp) and 71 rushing yards with a rushing touchdown.

Wilson had 22 comp, 339 passing yards with two passing touchdowns (2 x 40+ yard comp) and 4 rushing yards.

(I went with Wilson)

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I made the switch to wilson 2 min before kickoff after reading this threat! Thanks for calling Wilson out!

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You must have a crazy bonus for 300 yards and 6 pt passing tds.