Lets play drop 1 . in week one two

A. Jeffery
S. Diggs
D. Funchess

i have to drop one for a kicker this week. Don’t wana

but… alas



Yikes, that is tough. I wouldn’t feel good about dropping any of them, but I guess if I had to pick one… Funchess? Maybe his targets go down with Olsen back. And maybe he goes under the radar in your league and you can pick him back up? Big maybes.

Good luck.

Funchess is the one I think. With Olsen back and McCaffery catching a little more that’s gonna eat into his touches I think. Just my 2cents.

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becasue you dont want to drop your other kicker? or did you already drop the kicker to pick someone else up? I think Funchess is most likely able to be picked back up next week as he has the lowest name value of the 3.

Im over by one holding one of these guys in my only kicker spot

Never hold 2 kickers :slight_smile:

Can we see a full roster? I am really struggling to believe this is your only option lol. TOUGH but where do you stand in the playoff / bye week race…I would consider taking the 0 at kicker to keep them all if you dont HAVE to win.

Full roster in full PPR
im 8-3 2/10

A Jeffery
D Baldwin

S. Diggs
S. Perine
D Funchess

K empty

We only get 2 bench spots :frowning:

Ok that makes way more sense haha. If this is the case the waiver wire has to be stacked with only 70ish skill position players owned. Go ahead and drop Funchess would be my suggestion.

Also, this is an INSANE format…but i kinda dig it.

Yea it makes things interesting . You can’t just hold players and be fine on Byes

you have to work ur ass off to get guys in to cover without dropping the ones you want to keep.

I am in the extreme opposite type league 10 teams, 8 bench spots plus an IR, but it is a keeper league

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