Lets start a new gamer dynasty league on Sleeper

Hey footclan. This post is aimed for gamers but all active fantasy players are welcomed. Here is a link to league bylaws.

Short recap without clicking the link is

Dynasty league
start up draft order voted on by league via game or sporting event tournament.
leaguesafe is mandatory
.5 PPR and 4Pt Passing TD, Superflex
Looking for committed dynasty players, new and experienced, to join a dynasty league with the overall goal of becoming more than just a FF league.

Myself and two others are interested. Shoot me an email at jharris4500@gmail.com. Thanks!

still have open spots

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Shoot me an e-mail rewassel15@gmail.com. Let me know how many spots are open, I may have one more person as well.

Email sent

Hey there! I’m an active gamer, and fantasy addict!! My email is zr6ixshooter@gmail.com . Hit me up I’m so into this!

Email sent!

I’m looking for a SF league, never played in one. Hope there is a spot for a noobie. Let me know.

Im interested, email is jkoltis@yahoo.com

Down to 4 spots available

I’m definitely interested!


IN-terested as well.

I emailed both of you an invite.

If you still have spots I’m very interested.

Im interested if there are spots still. leamdav@gmail.com

Thanks for your interest but we are full now. If a spot opens up I’ll post here