Let's talk trade! WHIR

I give: Brees or Stafford + Lockett

I get: Tyreke Hill

Yay? Nay? Non-PPR

Post link to your question and will help in return.

I think it depends on the roster you have. Lockett isnt a bad wr and with mahomes still not back yet its got a risk factor to hill. I dont think either way this makes or breaks a team though.

This is a tough one. Lockett has done pretty well. But I think I’d do it. As you know QBs are streamable so if I have two solid options and can deal one of em for an upgrade I’m gonna do it. The QBs are comparable but the chiefs want to pass more than the Seahawks. Hill is the better talent here. So I’m doing it.

Would appreciate some thoughts here: Ingram and hunter henry for bell

My bad I thought I put my team:

QB: Stafford / Brees
RB: Barkley / Chubb / Fournette / Walton / Gallman
WR: Kupp / Lockett / Hilton / Samuel
TE: Waller