Let's talk trade

Full PPR, I was offeredDez and Kamara for AJ Green and Riddick. Thoughts?
I’m weak in RB with: Riddick, buck Allen, Mixon, foreman and Jalen Richard
My WR are: Green, DT, Crabtree, Pryor and Marshall

I’d take it. Dak likes Dez and especially if Zeek has to sit out. Kamara is taking over that backfield in NOLA. And he can run that slot just fine and Drew already likes him. I do like Green but I’d still take the trade.

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I like this alot… You are basically swapping WR… But get a upgrade in kamara over riddick… So I def like it.

P.s check out my diggs trade thread. Would love advice on that…

Riddick isn’t much value right now…but I really don’t like Dez’s schedule. Dez generally struggles with elite db’s and performs well against lesser corners. And he has a lot of tough db’s this year including two out of 3 fantasy playoff weeks. I’d play AJ against anyone. Just my $.02

No way. Green is far and away the best player in this trade and Riddick is hardly rosterable. I like Kamara, but not nearly that much.