Letter grade my auction mock draft please!

Auction mock on Yahoo. I wouldnt have drafted a K, but it makes you fill all your positions…

Please grade my team, Im trying to defend my championship in the real auction league I am in. Thanks everyone!

QB Alex Smith - $1
RB Kareem Hunt $60
RB Dalvin Cook - $56
WR Golden Tate - $22
WR T.Y. Hilton - $18
TE Kyle Rudolph - $3
Flex Derrius Guice $15
DEF Vikings - $1
K Matt Prater - $1
BN Robert Woods - $8
BN Michael Crabtree - $3
BN C.J. Anderson - $3
BN Tevin Coleman - $3
BN Rex Burkhead - $4
BN Corey Davis - $2

I personally feel good about this team, and Yahoo graded it as an A- but I would trust most of your opinions over Yahoo honestly. #Footclan

Also, I drafted with my league in mind in that its NOT a PPR of any kind. And as much as I want to change this rule, there are also no negative points (So INTs aren’t a penalty etc)

Damn. Looks like this a draft where everyone went super bonkers on the top players leaving some nice value at other positions. I am less experienced at auction but Davis at $2 and Burkhead at $4 seem like absolute steals to me while Hunt and Cook at 50+ seems expensive.

Decent draft overall but I think you’re incredibly weak at WR which makes sense given how much the 2 RBs cost you. Your WR floor is very very low. I avoid pairing guys like Hilton/Tate at all costs as they are both pretty boom bust players despite the narrative of Tate being safe. He busts in about 40% of the games. And similar for Hilton. And if luck goes down, I don’t see how you will get any production out of your WR group short of Corey Davis breaking out in the major way.

Would probably try and make some moves to address that spot. I would try and turn Golden Tate into a Jarvis Landry or something.

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Yeah I agree, Cook and Hunt were it. I waited as long as I could, and I tried getting them cheaper, but it was either pay those prices or go WR heavy, and since I am prepping for a standard league, I wanted better RB than WR. But I hear ya. Also the problem with those mock auctions is so many people bail early its MOSTLY bots drafting which is why I think values get inflated.