Lev Bell/2nd Pick Trade Value

Hey guys/gals, I’m in a .5 PPR redraft league that for some reason or another has draft pick trading. I’ve got the second overall pick which will most likely be Bell (first pick will 95% be Gurley in this league.)

I’m unfamiliar with draft pick trading. What kind of deal should I be seeking for moving the 2nd pick? Something like my 1st and 7th for a late 1st and 2nd or 3rd? Appreciate any input here.

I would just keep the pick and take Bell, he’s a real difference maker and absolutely can win you any given week. If you’re set on trading him, it depends on how far you’re moving back. If it’s to the very end of the 1st round I think you should get a 3rd or 4th rounder,

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If you really wanna move out this position, you need to get a first and second rounder from someone who’s interested. If it’s a snake draft, try to get some swaps in the even rounds. If no one is interested, go first and third (possibly you don’t move down many places) and try to get swaps as well… GL

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