Lev Bell conflict

So I woke up on this waiver wire morning noticing that Lev Bell has been picked up. Unbeknownst to me until today, he was dropped on Monday October 1st early morning (yahoo league). The team that dropped him is 0-4 and only has 2 RBs on their roster, Montgomery and Ware. The team that had highest priority and received Bell is 4-0.

What are everyone’s thoughts? I am personally pissed off that he was even dropped in the first place.

Get over it? Lol dude clearly didn’t know what he was doing or doesn’t care. Maybe do FAB if you have a problem with the highest priority waiver getting the best pick up that week.

Nothing to get pissed about imo.

unfortunate but fair, gotta make sure you pay attention to the recent activity of your league mates