Lev Bell Counter Offer

Hey Footclan,

I’m a Bell owner, who’s entertaining trade offers…

(Full Point PPR)

One owner, sent me first a trade that was Henry and Mo Sanu for Bell (Declined)

Then he offers Mo Sanu and Dalvin Cook (I declined, because I’m not 100% confident in the knee)

But thinking of a counter offer that would still include Cook, but ask for Golden Tate instead of Sanu.

You guys think a Bell for Dalvin Cook and Golden Tate is a one sided deal?

I don’t like Sanu at all - I like the Cook/Tate option much better.

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If I could give up Cook and Tate to get Bell, I would do that immediately.

When do you feel Bell would be back?

Because I’d hate to make the trade and all of the sudden, he comes back.

I have no idea when Bell will be back and no going to pretend like I know.

All my recommendations/trade advice is just purely based on the risk/reward of what is being given up vs what is offered. Cook and Tate is too little for Bell.

That’s what I’m trying to gauge.

If you were the Bell owner, what would be your ideal, but relatively, fair trade?

Depends on format but if its any PPR format, my cut off point would be someone like MT/CMC.

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How 'bout…(full PPR)

Sammy Watkins…


Allen Robinson?

Not sure why need to complicate things with a QB swap.

You’re basically trading CMC + Arob for Bell + Watkins. I’d probably take that trade in a full PPR.

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Thanks, Brotha…best of luck this week