Lev Bell for 1st and 3rd?

I have Lev Bell as my one keeper in a .5 PPR 12 team league, no penalty, and have been offered the 1.03 and 3.03 for him; I currently have the 1.02. I really don’t have another option for a keeper replacement other than DangeRuss, Lesean McCoy or Mark Ingram(not really an option). Most of the other Tier 1 RBs will be kept by others in the league. There is a strong chance I could land Melvin Gordon with my 1.02

Should I take this offer?

so you w ould have the 1.02, 1.03 and two 3rd round picks if you trade him?

That’s how it would shake out yeah. I would note that I don’t have a 2nd round pick because I traded that last year as a part to get Bell in the first place.

you still have your 1.02 pick which will guarantee you can still get a top RB to pair with Bell. if you can get Bell and David Johnson together you’re off to a killer start, not sure who else is being kept in your league though. I think its a good deal for you either way, all depends on how you draft and who falls to you.

hell yeah im doing that. bells value is about to go down drastically by next year. get return value on him now while you can. replace the second you gave up, for a 1st. replenish your keeper stock. it makes perfect sense for you to do. plus, melvin gordon is a top 5 RB so its not like you lose a ton by going with him. then add on who ever you get 1.03. plus the 3.03. so much more value there than with keeping bell.

If every team gets a keeper, the 1.02 and 1.03 have less value though, right?

barkley or gordon will be there though. and then there will be the teams that had 2 or 3 worthy keepers that cant keep them all. like the gurley owner who also got michael thomas or some other combo of value that was to be had last year. if i can start my new keeper year with barkley or gordon, and then another top end player im happy. if these picks were later on like the 1.05 and 1.06 i would be less confident. but the players that fall through the cracks are still going to be there in the 1st three because of barkley being a rookie. its possible to start gordon/barkley paired with hopkins.

I wouldn’t do this trade. The 3rd pick would be nice but based off of your post you only get 1 keeper correct?

Also, who do you think you can get with the 1.03? Is it another top rated stud RB?

The way I look at it is this…

  • You get Bell (Best RB in fantasy along with Gurley) + Gordon…
  • or
  • Gordon + someone who is not going to be the best RB in the league.

Sure in that first scenario you lose out on the 3rd pick which you can make an argument is worth taking the deal, but only if you can still get a stud RB at 1.03. Furthermore, people are claiming Bell will lose value after this year? Even if that is correct, you then choose not to keep him and keep Gordon instead. No matter which scenario you pick you aren’t keeping Bell next year so his value next year is irrelevant.

Finally, I think the Steelers are going to absolutely run Bell into the ground this year. Sure that can lead to injury, but they aren’t going to want to hurt the guy. He is their best chance (along with AB) at winning a SB. They are going to use him as much as possible this year and cut bait next year, just like you should do.

Honestly though you can’t go wrong either way. If you can get a stud at 1.03 and think your 3rd round pick will be a good addition, going with the trade is understandable.

You make some good points and I am really thinking about keeping Bell. I agree that the work load will be there and I’m loathe to give that up but I should be able to get both Gordon and Kamara or Barkley with the 1.02 and 1.03 which should set me up with a solid tandem that I can build around.

I acquired Bell last season for a 2nd round and pieces getting back a 4th so I am now getting solid ROI on my investment and getting the ability to make up for the lost 2nd rounder with higher draft capital.

I appreciate all of you Footclan for the advice and insights. Cheers!

yo I would do this trade

Not looking at your league, I’d strongly consider doing this trade. In part because…

  • 12 guys are getting kept. That includes every player from the team you’re trading with, since his keeper would now be Bell.

  • Leagues end up with lopsided rosters by the end. Meaning it’s not like the actual Top 12 overall are going to be kept. Most likely 3 or so will fall through the cracks. Just like you noted with Melvin. And if Melvin is falling through, you might also have a chance at a guy like Hunt / Fournette / Dalvin.

  • If you can trade draft picks, your having the 2nd and 3rd overall gives you some nice leverage, if need be.

The big issue for you is your lack of a keeper. But, because you can trade picks… if a team has the 1.12 and is going to have to drop a guy like (I dunno. I’m making this up…) Dalvin Cook back into the pool, you could trade your 1.03 for Dalvin and the 1.12.

If you could manage something like that, then you’ve got the 1.02 (likely Melvin), the 1.12 (probably someone like a Devante Adams / AJ Green), and a second RB1 keeper in a guy like Dalvin… AND you still have the 2.11, 3.02 & 3.03 picks ahead of you. You’ll have SIX top ~30-35 players on your team while most other rosters in your league will only have three (their keeper and their first two picks).

Meanwhile the guy you traded Lev Bell to will have only him and the 2.10 pick… until he picks in the 4th round. (ie. Don’t worry about his team.)